You don't know the secret, reveal the use of silicone mobile phone sets of mystery

by:Keyuan     2020-09-24
Most of our friends using silicone mobile phone sets so long does not know the usefulness of silicone mobile phone sets. Now silicone mobile phone sets of gradually became popular on the market, spread to every household, according to the network survey is made of silicone mobile phone sets of friends is one of seven people, and now the mobile phone market gradually set rally has almost become the indispensable accessories tools, in our articles for daily use, worthy of serious consideration is the change of silicone mobile phone sets of development from monotonous to rich, from the simple to the elaborate, continuously in all aspects of the change believe friends all know that, but after using accustomed to you but also reluctant to know its performance and benefits? Common appeared a lot of friends on the silicone mobile phone sets of some of the problems and confused, don't know how to deal with, such as mobile phone sets of sticky ash, use for a long time after the feel is not very good, or discoloration, and so on, this is because people's knowledge of the silica gel products not carefully, so that to make you a headache. Know all sorts of material cases are now is not a single mobile phone sets, with all sorts of design of silica gel protective sleeve now also get rid of the single design, in terms of color, hardness, fashion shape has to stand out above, monochromatic before to the present design of 3 d cartoon multicolor, screen printing with current laser engraving, color printing to seiko drops and process and so on a variety of ways to produce all kinds of situation of mobile phone sets, this proves that the silicone products manufacturer's production technology is also in progress. And silicone mobile phone sets of processing technology also needs through reasonable design with perfect process in producing, the first is the color of raw material hardness of materials plus platinum color mixing rubber, vulcanizing agent for high temperature vulcanization molding equipment is adopted to improve the high temperature of 200 ° die within become mobile phone sets of frame model, in after the completion of the cutting edge detection performance can be silk screen processing, add pattern, surface smoothness processing drops of glue process follow-up work. In terms of performance because everyone should know mobile phone sets of the superior performance of avirulent environmental protection, the material is superior, when identifying disadvantages of silicone mobile phone sets can learn how to discern between true and false of silicone rubber products for the friend that like to use the silicone mobile phone sets of good should go to the understanding of the role of silica gel protective sleeve! Xiamen silicone products manufacturer - Silica gel products co. , LTD. ( )
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