Y - type sealing ring specifications The effect of Y type sealing ring - Y type seal the advantages and disadvantages of various specifications

by:Keyuan     2020-12-04
Many people don't know y type seal specifications, what are the role of y type sealing ring, y type sealing ring and the advantages and disadvantages of the various specifications, in sealing products have many seals for hydraulic system, one of y type sealing ring is one kind of sealing ring, he often used in car for piston seal for the hydraulic system, and other hydraulic equipment and hydraulic cylinder, etc. Seal product quality directly affects the performance of the device, because of the difference of seal medium can use different material of y type sealing ring, is often used two kinds of NBR and epdm. Y type sealing ring on the agency belongs to the category of the lip seal, and have lower lip and high. The traditional production method of sealing ring is given priority to with moulded, now more advanced technology is using turning equipment, simple process, high yield, which is currently the most advanced technique, can produce a very sophisticated y-shaped sealing ring. Various specifications of the y-shaped sealing ring compared with other types of sealing device has the following advantages: 1, sealed performance is reliable; 2, small friction resistance, the smooth movement; 3, good pressure resistance, use pressure range is extensive; 4, simple structure, low cost; 5, installation is convenient. The following is a y-shaped sealing ring various specifications please refer to the below compare the advantages and disadvantages. ( Note: Y type seal various specifications are for reference only) Y type sealing ring main drawback is that only ChanXiangQi, piston type two-way sealing need to use a pair of Y type sealing ring, increases the axial size; Ordinary y-shaped sealing ring section size is greater than the type O sealing ring, so the installation groove size is larger, for ease of installation and sometimes need to use split type groove. Now many countries have developed a small circle section size of Y type, size and installation problems are gradually improve. Y type sealing ring the role of the main lift now or piston in the hydraulic cylinder piston rod sealing, Y ring sealing can be divided into two kinds of pressure, in the absence of medium pressure only depends on the amount of precompression lip to close to the sealing ring have the effect of sealing, with medium pressure, the medium will fill the inner lip of the groove between good outer lip, respectively on two lips to pressure, make up a more open, your lips and then close to the sliding parts, so in the y-shaped sealing ring installation for the cavity at the time of the medium. Silicone seal manufacturers want to remind you is, Y type circle to withstand the maximum working pressure of around 20 mpa, when pressure exceeds this value can be fixed auxiliary support ring increased under pressure. Y type ring also has certain since compensation ability, in the use of the response to wear. So the y-shaped sealing ring is suitable for the seal effect on medium and low pressure reciprocating motion. As the piston and cylinder, piston and piston rod cover, etc. It rely mainly on the lips against the sealed surface, and the sealing effect. So, the sealing lip tip is easy to wear and heat deformation. Therefore, surveying and mapping and the design size of labial ministry is key, including the lip of the outer diameter, inner diameter, the amount of precompression lip and interval, etc. Recommended products: Y type silicone seal
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