Xiangsu materials continue to be evil, silica gel products purchase information what are the problems?

by:Keyuan     2020-09-26
In life we can't avoid all sorts of trivial difficult security problems, such as allergies, poisoning is harm for the health of some products, such as see news yesterday in guangzhou a man on the side of the road to a street vendor, because they use after purchase water use in DeTanEr appear allergic phenomenon, asked the vendor losing money, so small make up want to say is this thorny problem for buyers and sellers and manufacturers have a certain responsibility, manufacturers want to save cost use the material production, such as disadvantage expired food wants to purchase cheap glass more cash, the buyer want to take advantage of, save more! So remind friends cheap goods is not good is not wrong, is to learn to distinguish! Don't buy the silicone products is not good! Silica gel supplies most of our urban life commonly used items, while drinking water may be used, may be used while eating, you may also use at work, so for the security or more seriously, its quality and safety performance with plastic cup have some problem, so for the purchase of a lot of friends and business friends to choose silicone products when chosen normal silicone products manufacturer, see all kinds of food grade certification whether can pass the environmental monitoring, or directly to your door to visit can meet production safety standards. But for individual businesses face the small batch products and various consumption we went to buy with own experience. General many silicone products manufacturer in the production of silicone products to adopt different silicon materials and vulcanizing agent production, so in this for you to understand how to distinguish the quality of the silicone material, the taste of products of general and high grade material with platinum vulcanizing agent production will not appear smell phenomenon, ordinary silica gel not without into after baking will appear a little smell, will not appear on the handle is hard softness is different, different pull lift high tensile products belong to high quality and tensile stretch after that there will be no white fog, and ordinary silica gel will have this kind of phenomenon, the second fire is the best way, belong to the silica gel, white smoke don't belong to silicone rubber silicone products factory in xiamen - Silica gel products co. , LTD. ( )
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