Xiamen wholesale silicone spoon

by:Keyuan     2020-09-13
Xiamen silicone spoon wholesale can be silicone spoon custom wholesale, also can be the spot wholesale silicone spoon. If the silicone spoon is a common, standard, and have a spot, can be wholesale silicone spoon spot directly. If the silicone spoon is not common, non-standard, there is no spot, to the wholesale custom silicone spoon. The silicone spoon made of food grade silicone material production, do not contain bisphenol A, no peculiar smell, high temperature resistance, abrasion resistance, good elasticity, high temperature disinfection, safety and health, quality of A material soft, won't hurt the baby. Xiamen silicone spoon wholesale custom, according to your requirements for customization, silicone spoon appearance shape, color, hardness and size can custom design. Xiamen wholesale silicone spoon must find normal have the manufacturer of the business license, and silicone spoon by food grade security certification, do not covet is cheap wholesale source of silicone spoons, which is harmful to human health.
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