Xiamen wholesale custom silicone cup

by:Keyuan     2020-09-06
Xiamen wholesale custom silicone cup, can look for xiamen silicone products manufacturer wholesale silicone cup spot, also can look for xiamen silicone products factory mass customization production silicone cup. What circumstances need to batch custom silicone cup? 1, the standard of the silicone cup did not find the spot need to customize. 2, nonstandard, not common silicone cup need to customize. 3, provide the silicone cup design drawings need to customize. 4, need to print LOGO, words need to customize. Xiamen wholesale custom silicone cup have? Silicone telescopic folding cup, a pressure can be folded away, a pulled open has become a cup. Silica gel glass, silica gel, silica gel water bag kettle, can arbitrarily folded away. Xiamen silicone glass wholesale and custom silicone products factory, integrating research and development design production, focus on the silicone products customized production, ODM, OEM custom silicone cup.
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