Xiamen silicone zero wallet

by:Keyuan     2020-09-13

Xiamen silicone zero wallet order trend intensified, main show is modelling design and appearance of novelty, uniqueness, difference, etc. , showing the unique personalized features, or various anime cartoon image, or a cute animal shapes, or delicate and logo design, or beautiful illustrated, has a strong force of goods and marketing attributes, is thousand change its shape and do not change its name, let a person fondle admiringly. Silicone zero wallet customize the raw material is adopted by the solid silica gel, after molding, vulcanization suppression and become, feel comfortable, bright colors, environmental protection will not cause harm to the skin, strap can be arbitrary to deformation and immediately restore later, is more popular in recent years, promotional gifts. Silicone zero wallet customization features of high temperature resistant: - applicable temperature range 40 ℃ to 230 ℃, directly, and then clean with clear water clean. A variety of colors: can allocate different color of beautiful. Environmental protection non-toxic: from raw material to finished product shipments will not appear any poisonous and harmful substances. Xiamen silicone zero wallet, ODM and OEM customization can also be customized. OEM custom silicone purse is to map incoming sample custom, silicone zero wallet ODM customization is entrusted the silicone products factory production and processing design.                                

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