Xiamen silicone stereo set of agent

by:Keyuan     2020-09-17
Xiamen silicone sound silicone cover agent to find small sprout life sets manufacturers, can wholesale agent silica gel sound set of spot, can also agent custom silicone stereo set. Silica gel sound protective characteristics mainly include: 1, material is pure silica gel, avirulent insipidity, green environmental protection, also has the different design style, a wide variety of styles, choose more; 2, smooth surface, and can have unique self-adhesive, skid resistance is stronger, and sound to perfect fit, be full of decorative; 3, shockproof, prevent mildew, sunscreen; 4, beautiful, be able to bear or endure dirty, soft, and the skin contact for a long time without any effect; 5, convenient cleaning, heat insulation, sound insulation, change simple; 6, good smoothness, tear strength, high elasticres ilience; 7, wear-resisting, corrosion resistance, anti-aging, using resistance and other characteristics. Xiamen silicone protective agent manufacturers provide Tmall elves, stereo degree at home, in a variety of intelligent sound silicone sound set of agent, but for silica gel stereo set of OEM custom, also can customize case ODM silicone acoustics.
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