Xiamen silicone kitchenware processing

by:Keyuan     2020-08-28
Xiamen silicone kitchenware processing, processing and production of silicone cake mold, silicone ice lattice, silica gel, Fried egg, silicone scraper, silicone spatula, silicone spoon, silicone oil brush, silicone bowl, basin of silica gel, silica gel lunch box, silicone steamer mat, silicone spoon, silicone peel the garlic, silicone dough mat, silicone wash bowl brush, silicone, silicone handle cover, silicone funnel spill-proof lid, silica gel bread, silica gel is put aside the scoop pad, silicone mein, silicone egg beater, etc. , can be OEM/ODM customization design various shapes sizes. Xiamen silicone kitchenware processing production USES the food grade silicone material, non-toxic tasteless, by SGS, FDA, LFGB, ROHS safety environmental standards such as certification, high and low temperature - resistance 40 ℃ ~ 230 ℃, stable chemical properties, not burning, even burned, only will be broken down into silicon dioxide and water, and not releasing toxic substances, are exported to Europe and the United States. Xiamen silicone kitchenware processing custom silicone products factory, figure to be customized according to customer demand, price concessions, through Europe and the United States FDA, the LFGB food grade security certification.
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