Xiamen silicone cases OEM OEM customization

by:Keyuan     2020-09-13
Xiamen silicone cases OEM OEM custom, is the customer out of silica gel protective sleeve design drawings, find xiamen custom silicone products factory processing production. Silica gel protective sleeve OEM OEM custom custom silicone mobile phone cover, silicone tablet cases, silicone acoustics cases, silica gel glass cases, silicone rain cover, silicon earphone case and so on. Silica gel protective sleeve OEM custom liquid silicone design, using the soft shell design, can be comfortable for daily use, super light design and slim shape. It is tearing resistance, impact resistance and resistance to the performance of the fingerprint, and it also can resist the accumulation of dust. Silica gel protective sleeve has a scratch-resistant layer, using resistance, environmental protection silicone shell design, have very strong anti-throw effect also increases feel comfortable, simple design, reflect your unique temperament, silicone material, prevent slippery wear-resisting, feel comfortable, can fully protect your love machine. Xiamen silicone cases OEM OEM order process, can be consulting small sprout life website online customer service.
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