Xiamen silicone case manufacturer production process steps

by:Keyuan     2020-09-23
Friends for today's electronic products may not be a stranger, the electronic products we all have basic is in use, is now the city friends of the social work very aspects of the product, as an electronic products many friends will on their mobile phone or a tablet to do some decoration or practical protection tools, in case you probably have many questions on cases, which is better, which is more practical, which is more beautiful and nice, and so on. And xiamen silicone case manufacturers said small make up some questions, silica gel protective sleeve, you used friends think? Now on the market of electronic case many, also have a lot of different material, but for the consumer's internal know friends for a products, few people know, I'm afraid, as leather case, you may know, leather cases, but for the production of leather, is ignored, and the silicone case, too, may all the silicone mobile phone sets or tablet cases, but for the silicone, should be a stranger, so simple to understand the xiamen silicone case manufacturer for cases of the production process. In each region silica gel protective sleeve production and processing processes are basically the same, just can produce the above raw materials have some differences. With imported food grade silicone production process to mixing raw materials, hardness and color according to customer requirements for the configuration of texture and color of debugging, the mixing process with proper curing agent keep silica gel in the process of forming the shape of the products and features, in the vulcanization process, we passed the heat moulding vulcanization molding, in mold heat press out the model of our products, basic is a product, the last is trimming the processing of burr, QC tests after processing is complete, quality inspection, don't let the customer received bad product, this basically is xiamen silicone case manufacturer of machining process.
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