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by:Keyuan     2020-09-18
Xiamen silicone bracelet manufacturer according to your requirements for OEM custom, also can ODM order. Xiamen silicone bracelet manufacturer can produce the following 14 silicone bracelet: concave carved: logo on the bracelet text show the dents. Emboss: logo on the bracelet text show the stick out. Monochromatic: the bracelet in addition to the logo for a color. Heather: the whole bracelet for multiple colors, for two or more than two color bracelet made of mixed together. Printing: bracelet above the logo is to use the ink by screen printing on the bracelet. Luminous: usually refers to the high temperature glowing in the dark bracelet, which also contains a fluorescent bracelets, fluorescent bracelet is to point to by absorbing outside after the high-energy radiation, release the low-energy light in the darkness. Transparent: not add any color, and is the bracelet as transparent as glass. Color: the color of the bracelet on section by section, and mixed color is different, a few kinds of color is out of the mix. Concave carved coloring: on the basis of the concave hand engraved logo, and other colors. The logo and the color of the bracelet are two different colors. Emboss coloring: on the basis of the emboss logo, together with other color, the logo and the color of the bracelet is two different color. Double loop: as the name implies, refers to two bracelets together, a serial of coil. Belt buckle: refers to the bracelet is at both ends with a snap fastener. The edge of the wavy: bracelet set. National flag: the whole bracelet screen printing has a national flag. Find xiamen silicone bracelet manufacturer to customize a silicone wrist band will need to provide? 1, make sure you need the bracelet size, which contains the perimeter, width. 2, to provide you need the color of the bracelet, can be pure color, color, mixed color, Can also according to the international general C card of any color selected) 。 3, want to use which kinds of craft effect to customize your wrist band ( Coloring/convex inscription carved concave and convex/concave printing) 。 4, provide your personality logo text messages, which contains the logo text color and font. Number 5, provide need to custom-made. After providing the above information, you just need to wait for xiamen silicone bracelet manufacturer customer service to you to confirm, confirm payment to arrange production, and then wait for their own personalized silicone bracelet appeared in front of you.
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