Xiamen silica gel protective sleeve which is good

by:Keyuan     2020-09-14
Xiamen silicone cases which good? This there is no standard answer, only suitable for xiamen silicone products factory to solve his needs. So, how to find suitable silicone products factory in xiamen? 1, according to their own custom silicone cases the purpose and design for silicone products manufacturer in xiamen silica gel protective sleeve has a variety of purposes, such as silicone mobile phone sets, silicone notebook computer case, silicone speaker case, silicone glass cases, silica gel, silica gel sets the car into gear case, silicone remote controller case and so on. Silica gel protective sleeve style varied, silicone protective case appearance shape can be designed into Chinese zodiac animal shapes, can be designed into the cartoon shape, you can also print logo lettering. As to design the silica gel protective sleeve style, looking for design ability of silica gel products factory in xiamen. 2, according to your budget cost for silicone products manufacturer in xiamen if custom silicone less the number of cases, and budget cost is low, can look for small and medium size of silica gel products factory in xiamen, looking for large conversely silicone products factory in xiamen. Xiamen silicone cases which good? It depends on how the factory production of silica gel protective sleeve quality. So what is the distinguishing feature of silica gel protective sleeve? Let's find out: silica gel protective sleeve custom features 1, silica gel products has good protection performance, especially for the protection of the product appearance has played a very important role, cases can not only prevent items were scratched, and can effectively protect the electronic equipment screen. 2, silica gel protective sleeve can improve the grade of the product appearance, can be printed on all kinds of decorative pattern on the case or custom copy, for some brands have certain help in. 3, you should know the silica gel has a strong flexibility and stretching, in the process of long-term use, not easily appear deformation phenomenon, that is a feature of it. 4, silica gel protective sleeve and the characteristics of a large, that is it has non-slip effect; In the process of we use touch up, and brings good touch feeling experience. 5, it also has a dustproof, anti-fouling, easy processing, the basic characteristics such as soft hard moderate, is also very the attention in the process of users use one bright spot. 6, silica gel products all have good elasticity, wear-resisting, environmental protection, high temperature resistant characteristics of commonly used silica gel products are valued its these features and performance.
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