Xiamen promotion products silicone products processing

by:Keyuan     2020-09-14
Xiamen promotion products find silicone products factory silicone products processing, can produce a variety of silicone promotion products, have the silicone bracelet, silicone mobile phone support, silica gel, bath brush, silicone wash bowl brush, silicone thermal pad, silicone steamer mat, silicone mobile phone cover, silicone brush, silicone folding carton, cleansing silicone folding cups, silicone fresh cover, silica gel, silica gel and warm water bag peel the garlic make tea ice pattern, silica gel, silica gel, silica gel, silica gel sets the headphones plug, silicone cup cover, silicone toys and so on, through the FDA certification testing, safe, practical, and high temperature resistance. Product features easy to clean silicone promotion products: silica gel produce silicone products after using in water, it will be clean again, can also be used in the dishwasher to clean. Long life: silica gel material chemical performance is stable, making the products, have a longer life expectancy than other materials. Soft, comfortable: thanks to flexible silicone materials, cake mold product feels comfortable, highly flexible, not out of shape. A variety of colors: can according to the needs of customers, allocate different beautiful colors. Environmental protection non-toxic, from raw materials into the factory to the finished product delivery does not produce any toxic or harmful substances. Xiamen promotion products silicone products processing for the silicone products factory custom processing, can be OEM processing can also be ODM processing. According to the needs of customers, provide promotional silicone products processing scheme.
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