Xiamen OEM custom silicone women's bag

by:Keyuan     2020-09-13
Xiamen silicone women's environmental protection bag OEM custom with 100% of the pure silica gel is made and be become, through the FDA, SGS, LFGB export countries such as quality inspection standards, non-toxic tasteless, healthy and comfortable, heat-resisting temperature: 230 ℃. Resistant to cold temperature: - 40 ℃, can be scrubbed, ensure that you and your family in good health. To bear or endure dirty, waterproof, easy to clean, do not fade, stability and wear resistance, WuNaChen take easy. European and American wind, fashion, contracted and perfect, let you to lead. Silicone lady's bag can send people, use, adult child can be at ease use, hang rope removable, can hang in your hands or bag, take out must be very pull gong, fashionable safety, go out, go shopping, go to work, beach, parties, shopping. Xiamen silicone lady's bag OEM custom according to your requirements, for customization. Silicone ladies' bag design, color, size and packaging design, all from the customer, since the silica gel products factory is responsible for processing production. Specific silicone lady's bag OEM order process, can small sprout life website online customer service.
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