Xiamen fda silicone products which is good

by:Keyuan     2020-09-14
Xiamen fda silicone products which good? What is the fda silicone products? The FDA detection is for food contact materials to do this is in accordance with the material to test the us food and drug administration ( FDA) Responsible for overseeing food contact materials, such materials must pass a test, make sure food contact safety standards are met. The FDA silicone products, that is, through the FDA detection of silicone products. Xiamen silicone products factory production of silicone products must through the LFGB, FDA quality detection, and the FDA inspection report. FDA inspections, silicone products generally use gas phase plastic double minimum ( Higher requirements plus platinum) , post processing as follows: 1, silicone products generally must carry on the secondary sulfur 8 hours. 2, conditions permitting, secondary sulfur plus 6 hours, then four hours boiled, and then continue to secondary curing temperature 2 hours. Silicone products test note 1, after processing of silica gel products, the first time encase with tin foil, and the quantity to avoid contact with air, because the silicone products adsorption will absorb water molecules in the air, affect the test result. 2, because the silicone material itself, difficult to pass the tests on the olive oil solvent, especially with the color of silicone products. Second, look at the home of xiamen silicone products factory in the past the production of silicone products through the FDA certification testing? Is there a product the FDA certification testing certificate?
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