Xiamen baby supplies silicone products manufacturer

by:Keyuan     2020-09-15

Xiamen baby supplies silicone products manufacturer USES the food grade silicone material production of silica gel bottles, silicone nipple, silicone bib, soft silicone spoon, silicone household products, silicone children bowl, silicone, silicone toys, shoes, baby silicone brush, silicone baby shampoo brush baby silicone products, such as through the fda certification testing, quality assurance. Due to silicone does not react with any material and liquid conflict so to ensure the stability and safety performance, due to the stability of good product also presents its features, such as high and low temperature resistant, silicone tableware can under the high temperature disinfection and cleaning can also be placed in the refrigerator to freeze, soft and comfortable, products with good strength and toughness strength springback, can use for a long time not deformation, bending springback strength back and forth good convenient cleaning, environmental non-toxic and design more diversified colors and shapes can attract children's attention! Relative to other children tableware used material, the material of silica gel is safe, non-toxic environmental protection; Children generally use the entrance of the product, with liquid silicone production, compared with the solid silica gel, higher security, achieve food grade, such as the pacifier, teeth, etc. Xiamen baby products silicone products manufacturer of silica gel products acid, alkali, and out of shape not easily; Material is qualitative soft, don't cause accident harm for the baby. Insulating silicone bowl stays good, not hot, can be in the microwave, high temperature can boil disinfection, does not decompose harmful material, also can be put in the refrigerator storage. Xiamen baby supplies silicone products manufacturer to provide baby silicone products OEM customization, ODM custom, to chart to sample customization, quick open mold proofing.                                

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