Xiamen baby products silicone products processing

by:Keyuan     2020-09-15
Xiamen baby products silicone products processing, can processing and production of silica gel bottles, silicone nipple, silicone bib, soft silicone spoon, silicone molar sucker rods, silicone children bowl, silicone, silicone toys, shoes, baby silicone brush, silicone baby shampoo brush, and so on. Baby supplies silicone products using food grade silicone material production and processing, and high and low temperature resistance, soft and comfortable, easy to clean, safe environmental protection, etc, and through the fda certification testing, meet the national food safety standards. Baby supplies silicone products features and advantages: 1, double color appearance, both inside and outside between color and color transparent, seamless, smooth appearance, comfortable feel. 2, soft high tensile silica raw materials which can be used in a variety of foods for a long time, very suitable for restaurant use. 3, comfortable, convenient cleaning, just wipe clean with water, it will be clean again, can be recycled again and again. 4, soft, non-toxic environmental protection level of the silicone material, can be directly contact with the skin, without any harm. 5, durable, easy to wash, repeatable use, convenient cleaning, just lightly, it will be clean again. 6 material, high toughness, good tensile length, good resilience, USES the food grade silicone materials production and processing customized! Xiamen baby products silicone products processing to find small sprout life custom processing, can be OEM custom processing can also be ODM custom processing.
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