woman \'illegally injected silicone into butts, hips and lips of five people including popular transgender performer who died in her home the next day

by:Keyuan     2020-07-08
A Florida woman faces federal charges for plastic surgery on silicone injections, including a popular transgender person in Atlanta who died.
The 46-year-old DeAnna Roberts was arrested at his home in Sandford on Thursday and charged with eight counts, including fraud. Deliberately hold and transport liquid silica gel and illegally inject it into the human body.
Roberts\'s indictment says she injected liquid silica gel into the buttocks, lips and other parts of the body of at least five customers seeking to enhance these areas in exchange for money, the Orlando Sentinel reported.
One of the customers, the 45-year-old Lateasha Shuntel, was a popular trans performer in Atlanta and was found dead the next day after receiving Roberts\'s silicone injection, authorities said
On the day that Shuntel received the injection, she shared a post on Facebook called Roberts and thanked her.
What we do makes you (sic)loving us.
I don\'t think my a ** will ever stop hurting, but I have no doubt that you are the best in the industry.
\"Thank you for making me completely satisfied,\" Shuntel wrote on the November 16, 2015 page . \".
Roberts reportedly injected her with silicone after falsely claiming she was a medical professional, resulting in the death of another person. S.
Lawyers in northern Georgia said in a statement.
The public should be alert to those who use substances such as silica gel in a way that is not approved by the FDA, or those who are managed by people who are not properly trained or approved.
None of the others who received Roberts injections died.
Roberts pretended to be a licensed medical professional, but in fact she was not, according to the indictment.
According to WSB
TV, Roberts bought about 178 gallons of liquid silicone between 2004 and 2015.
The Food and Drug Administration asked buyers to list the reasons for their purchase of liquid silica gel as direct injection into the human body is not allowed.
She reportedly told officials that she would use the substance to lubricate medical equipment.
The judge saw Roberts as a danger to the community, so she was still in custody at John E.
According to the Orlando Sentinel, Polk Correctional Facility.
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