With custom cake quickly try silicon silicone cake mold!

by:Keyuan     2020-09-20
Many countries in Europe and the silica gel has deep into their family life, such as silicone kitchenware, tableware, daily necessities, silica gel cake mold, etc. Silica gel products has long been replaced by other material supplies, however, its main function is the hardware material supplies much better than the past, high temperature resistant, easy to clean, avirulent environmental protection, and so on. 。 Color diversity, can also according to the needs of customers, allocate different beautiful colors, excellent design, beautiful color, make you more convenient to use. Food-grade silicone cake mould with 100% of silicone raw materials, it avirulent environmental protection but also to the human body has many advantages: high temperature resistant. Anti-aging. Easy to clean. No peculiar smell. Anti-aging. No deformation. Wait for a characteristic. It also cleared by the FDA, the LFGB, AP2000 foods such as quality certification, is now household goods, outdoor picnic, pastry shop the best choice! The silicone cake mould in silicone products can be used to make the cake of bread pudding fruit jelly pudding, etc. So it does not contain any poisonous pests, silicone cake mold products can fully meet the requirements of the customer or a third party certification. Can make different shape according to the customer's requirements, such as animal model, fruit shape. Can allocate different color, have already beautiful with practical function. Silicone mold products currently in the mainland have not form the market, sales volume is very limited, mainly exported to Japan and South Korea, Europe and the United States, and Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan regions. Products use main body is: the family kitchen, cake shop, hotel, bar, etc. After a point? Hurry to love, to family's surprise, love making, by the unique creative, more sincerity more cost savings, and more satisfied than this? Articles from the professional silicone cake mould manufacturer - Reprint please indicate the source!
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