Widely used silica gel products: silicone skin care series products

by:Keyuan     2020-09-29
In recent years, silica gel products in the minds of many people have some misunderstanding or confusion, organic silicon is harm, belong to the category of 'silicon' fresh in your mind what? In life we know a lot of materials, auxiliary materials and products to choose silicone product customization, and in some areas can also hear the role of organic silicon, it almost any industry, so it is in the skin care products to have what advantage, then today to take you close to feel the beauty of the organic silicon, organic silicon in the early 1940 s, has been in the United States Revlon company applied in 'Silicare skin lotion' skin cream, designed to protect the skin. ( 1] This kind of the most early in the silicone used in cosmetics is called linear polydimethylsiloxane ( PDMS) 。 , organic silicon growing applications in personal care products, organic silicon in the 70 s was first applied in antiperspirant products, used to improve dry skin feeling. ( 2] What is now known as the lower molecular weight volatile methyl siloxane cyclic. In the 90 s, the us p&g launched the first 2 in 1 shampoo, organic silicon in the formula in the form of oil or lotion regulate and smooth effect. Today, organic silicon has been widely used in all kinds of cosmetic formulations, as raw materials for the base class of security. Figure 1: linear polydimethylsiloxane ( PDMS) Chemical structure of organic silicon caress your skin beauty 'beauty of heart, the person all has', since the human civilization since ancient times, there is the pursuit of beauty. In ancient times, some tribes will use all kinds of oil daub on the skin to nourish, protection against the bitter cold and dry, make skin look healthy luster. In the 20th century world economic recovery, slowly along with the rapid development of chemical industry, synthetic oil and water emulsification technology as the core of skin care products arises at the historic moment. Organic silicon material in early roles also mainly to protect the skin. It can be formed on the surface of the skin a soft and breathable layer of protection membrane, help lock the moisture of cuticle and smooth and durable. The use of silicone skin give pleasure sense with skin care formula to continuously develop and update, cosmetics are paying more and more attention to the senses. 'Sensory effects' refers to the consumers on the vision, smell, touch get comfortable and enjoyable experience. Organic silicon category ingredients and also get rapid development, the formulation system, not only can improve the daub of spreadability, help to balance heavy oil play relaxed feeling, and can give the products such as velvety senior, luxury skin feeling. Diversified products to meet the various ages, geography, the different needs of consumers, the skin organic silicon as invisible guard like the synergy of other active ingredients are widely used in the formula. Figure 2: the role of organic silicon in skin care products and for the wheel rolling forward of The Times, in an increasingly pay attention to the quality and effect of the moment, organic silicon category whole new sense of mission. Such as instant anti-aging, enhance SPF protection, waterproof, lasting moisture effectively, etc. , the related research is still in continuous progress. In addition, small make up to science for everyone, due to the low organic silicon intermolecular bond can [ 3] , in the skin skin surface form of the film is not closed, but 'breathing' of a semipermeable membrane, won't cause acne, and even can be used on sensitive skin acne disorder in patients with daily skin care. ( 4] Organic silicon - — Skin of reassuring choice for nearly 30 years, the global application of organic silicone launched a wide range of research. Just about the safety of organic silicon, and more than 1000 cases of the well-documented research. ( 5] Studies have shown that under the condition of normal use, organic silicon is very safe for human health and the environment. Countries around the world, including Canada, Britain and the European Union legislation departments have evaluated the safety of certain organic silicon material data, and confirm its security. In addition, the United States cosmetics raw material evaluation institutions Cosmetic Ingredient Review ( CIR) As early as 2001 issued a report, confirm the organic silicon application in cosmetics are safe. ( 6]
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