Why the custom silicone products must open the sample mold

by:Keyuan     2020-09-04
Everyone in the custom silicone products, all have such experience process, silica gel products manufacturers will tell the customer before processing silicone mold, need to open a silicone sample proofing confirmed sample mould, for reasons of save time and cost, customers want don't open the sample mold, then you know why custom silicone products must open the sample mold? When customers in the new development of silicone products structure could not immediately be determined, the silicone sample mould cost is low, can help customers to reduce the risks brought by custom silicone products, avoid excessive modified silicone product size to mold a longer mould processing cycle and may even die scrapped due to changes in size. Although the sample mold can also be used as a silica gel products mold, but the sample mold cavity number is usually only 1 - 2, in the practical production can greatly reduce the production efficiency, at the same time will enhance the human cost of silica gel products molding process, finally leads to the silicone products unit price is too high; So, silica gel products factory in xiamen customer sample of the mould is not recommended as a big goods production of silicone mold.
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