Why take data, silica gel products raw materials soar

by:Keyuan     2020-09-28
After a few waves, thought rise and rise of organic silicon material about, also need to defuse the deficiency, check also should check out! But still did not anticipate there has been a new organic silicone products in this week rose floating, in accordance with the relevant data analysis has all kinds of silicone products in a new week have a different degree of increase, the price of the silicone oil floating on the high side, according to the silicone products manufacturer small make up to know, at present tense silicone oil demand, global market upstream inventory pressing, has been supporting various series of products prices soar! According to the current loading appears to see China's organic silicon upstream market is stable, optimistic, basic running smoothly, but still have the supplies. In addition to the current trend still continued to small radian silicone products raw materials prices, so far lower price is 30500 yuan, the silicone source factory price of the arrival of the goods is 33500 yuan/ton, prices outrageous! So far beyond the original price of more than twice!
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