Why silicone products will produce a smell?

by:Keyuan     2020-12-03
The causes of odor mainly by the hot pressing molding machine, raw material after normal temperature, the odour of, even if the silicone material is no exception. In general, cooling after three or four days, smell will gradually disappear. Because the silicone material is non-toxic tasteless environmental protection product, won't cause harm to human body. There is no smell silica gel itself. But if there are some silicone manufacturers in order to save costs, using the comparison of silica raw materials of inferior quality and not ordinary vulcanizing agent of environmental protection, low prices. Rather than through environmentally tasteless vulcanizator ROHS testing, so can produce a smell. Vulcanizing agent is a kind of promote a catalyst, silicone raw materials vulcanization molding will evaporate after molding silicone products, only a few remaining, after 48 hours will evaporate. Vulcanizing machine not products harm to human body, but the low sulfide opportunity to produce a pungent smell of burning, volatile time in a month or so, so in choosing a silica gel products try to choose better tasteless silicone products. Especially some direct contact with the body of the silicone products, such as silicone baby bottles, pacifiers, silicone kitchenware, silicone strap, need more strict. The selection of vulcanizing agent should choose tasteless vulcanizator, 2 basically has no smell. Don't choose is secondary sulfide 200 degrees, 155 degrees or 150 degrees, bake for 12 hours. If the temperature is high. Product easy to aging. Can't guarantee quality. So the silicone factory advice when buy silicone products you want to see if silica gel has good resilience; Feel whether smooth; Presence of smell; Is white smoke during burning, burning residue is the white powder by these preliminary judgement whether it is the good silicone product. More details, please click:
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