Why silicone products quality of a material feel good?

by:Keyuan     2020-12-03
Silicone products manufacturer in the process of production of silicone products, most of the silica gel products all adopt injection technology, which is based on the customer's requirements, in spraying this procedure, different ink spray, can produce different feel of silicone products. Share common several kinds of coating requirements: 1. Sprayed oil: oil sprayed to the surface of silica gel products is in fact the overflowing of visible to the naked eye color, oil spray color ink process is basically a process with the need to experience every silicone buttons, sprayed oil after the process will also be able to spray pu or extinction process. 2. Spray matte elimination: extinction ink is a layer of fog on the surface of product spray surface does not affect product color feel ink, its features and pu ink are similar, but extinction ink injection may make silicone buttons, rendering the fog on the surface and can spray frosted effect, feel is also compared with more smooth! 3. Spray PU, PU refers to a kind of ink, we commonly known as' PU ink, it has strong adhesion, abrasion resistance, good features such as transparency, PU injection process of silica gel buttons will feel very good, very wear-resisting, therefore PU injection process is also the most commonly used process silicone products manufacturer.
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