Why silicone bracelet glows at night?

by:Keyuan     2020-09-19
Why silicone bracelet glows at night? This question is very classic, let me to supplement the below. Also give advice or comments please, just as its name implies, silica gel hand ring is made up of silicone raw materials high temperature forming, after multiple process production. Ordinary hand ring don't shine, but is very beautiful, wear in the hand is especially good, especially the green, because environmental protection, so shows an atmosphere of harmony with nature, but it is not the same luminous hand ring, although the raw material and process about the same, but in the original add a certain amount of luminous powder inside silicone raw material composition, and this kind of luminous powder, luminous material with special crystal structure, absorbs the sunlight during the day, night will make different colors of light. Silica gel itself is a kind of environmental non-toxic materials, although noctilucent powder is a kind of rare earth, but also is non-toxic, luminous powder is different from general fluorescent powder, it has no radioactivity, with short light but photosynthetic efficiency, luminous over twenty years, life is in commonly DianDengGuang after a short time or sunlight, subsequent release light time generally within three hours, equivalent to absorb the energy, the final release of energy model, is almost follows the law of conservation of energy. At present the luminous hand ring has a lot of money market, all sorts of logo design is differ, I now also have a few silicone bracelet, are exported to Europe and the United States and other western developed before go home, now domestic market is good also, hope you can like it, a figure below, please browse.
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