Why silicone bib pocket is very popular with the consumers

by:Keyuan     2020-09-20
Speaking of silicone bib pocket, actually very want to say is this cruise on silica gel brings the convenience to our baby, and province for treasure mothers how much heart, the silicone bib is mainly is made of food grade silica gel forming, each kind of model will be sent to the SGS test for the products, every product must pass inspection, because it is related to the happiness of the family, the flowers are also related to our future, the future of our motherland is the need for them to take. Getting the product, do rest assured products, as a production line, is a kind of steadfast, but also give consumers a rest assured. Silicone bib pocket is non-toxic environmental protection, product USES the food grade silica gel production, we all know, silica gel is a kind of colloidal substance, and the food grade silica gel is a kind of internal liquid from plants, this natural material is food grade liquid silicone. Collected from the plant above, or a raw rubber, before starting the production of products, need to add some other material, make the gel gives a kind of special performance, to join the material is non-toxic harmless, of course. We are purchasing the each batch of colloid material, need to be prepared on a SGS inspection certificate. Purchase back of raw material is a raw rubber, also need the whole rubber mixing, before production for rubber mixing made the material more evenly, add color more evenly. Why Europe and the United States in particular like silicone products, because the silicone is a kind of natural material, it is nonpoisonous and harmless, European and American countries, edible food contact products are strict testing standards, but for regular silicone raw materials to produce products, are popular. Silicone kitchen utensils and appliances, for example, at present, we can find a lot of kitchen utensils and appliances are made of silica gel production, almost kitchen tools can replace the silicone kitchen utensils and appliances, silicone cake mold is a kind of very popular silicone products, product modeling, creative and high temperature resistant, low temperature resistant, easy to clean. Now more silicone ice has come into our lives, it brings us a kind of enjoyment of life, a kind of pursuit of life. Silicone bib pocket is so popular, because the product design is novel, unique, product appearance fashion, material is qualitative soft, product non-toxic harmless. More suitable for babies, and at the same time to treasure the mothers to reduce a lot of trouble.
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