Why import latex is better than domestic latex quality?

by:Keyuan     2020-12-03
The rubber industry friends should know something about, latex is much better quality than the domestic rubber latex, but why import latex is better than domestic latex quality? Focus from the rubber of human factors on the one hand, under the simple explanation for everyone. 1. Speak of from the management of plastic garden, domestic natural rubber, mainly distributed in hainan and yunnan xishuangbanna, guangxi and guangdong have a small amount of gum trees. Domestic rubber in hainan rubber is better, because the result of the tree species and hydrothermal conditions; Is the cause of most of domestic plastic garden belongs to the farmer's own, no professional management. 2. Thai rubber latex imported latex say first. Thailand's rubber garden belongs to state-owned assets, has unified management, glue garden six cleaning work to do better. 3. Tapping season, when the price of a latex, tapping domestic farmers will strength, make the gum trees were injured, and cut out the latex solid content is low, the high content of rubber material. Unified management in Thailand, it will arrange tapping time, tapping and through the above three points, you can know why import latex of better quality than the domestic rubber latex, is mainly because management reasons, makes imported latex machine high stability, low content of impurities. Quality is stable. I believe in domestic are choose latex tried Thai domestic natural latex, cheap is cheap, but the quality is not stable, so it is generally not considered. Secondly, Thailand emulsion machine steady value is higher, the solid value and dry rubber content is relatively stable. Home-made emulsion machine have different values and, depending on the season and the factory inspectors to add chemical material, solid value and dry rubber content are still a little advantage, but China's like doping old glue and glue new suppliers. This leads to why latex imports more expensive than domestic latex, quality good, why people like. Relevant article recommended: what is a natural latex synthetic latex | | synthetic latex to detect mechanical stability of the natural rubber latex
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