Why don't round the silicone products for fuel injection processing!

by:Keyuan     2020-09-27
After a lot of customers in the product of appearance is required when the process finishes processing, especially for some exterior decoration accessories category, surface treatment is the key to the important, first of all need to go through high precision mould process, outside of antistatic soaking processing, injection or screen printing has become the key post-processing, but in real life after some silicone products for injection effect is not very ideal, such as round, arc silicone products, it's like a shouldn't belong to it upon him, that is doesn't work, such as circular or curved silicone products. Sealing ring, and similar products such as silica gel ball, as you know, they are basic in good-looking appearance didn't ask to use fuel injection processing, and silicone rubber products manufacturer for this kind of product is not proposed injection processing, so want to make the round silicone injection products, it is really a nuisance. Why is that? First injection process can be divided into two kind of spraying, one is manual spraying, spraying is a kind of automatic machinery, the effect of the two, and a significant difference between the two, manual spraying of circle and arc relatively more comprehensive product to spray, is at the bottom of the cover part can use any manual spraying, but manual injection conflicts for efficiency, followed by covering incomplete, ink in the area and thickness difference product texture is different, some more lubrication, some rough phenomenon appears! Are in the process of operation and automatic spraying line automatic spraying manipulator, for the product surface treatment, according to the comparison are not say some holes spray, thickness of different phenomena, machinery of death has always been, however, will only to spray parts, part of the side and cant forever not guaranteed, also can appear on the surface of the whole texture is different, so both for circular and ring type products doesn't work. So when it comes to why silicone products factory why not willing to pay for a round of silicone rubber products for spraying, just because after spraying affected the normal look and feel, to do more for a minute. i process. Xiamen silicone products manufacturer - Silica gel products co. , LTD. ( )
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