Why do the silicone rubber band fire?

by:Keyuan     2020-09-26
High elastic tension of life there are many different kinds of silicone products, using different methods of production and processing technology of common material as latex, TPR material is widely application in the market to compare such suppliers is also quite common, for items bundled and fixed several aspects, such as use a rubber band is the best, but now the consumer for any quality and demand more and more strict, many rubber wholesale manufacturers choose to use the silicone material to ensure the service life of the material and product environmental protection of reputation, everyone knows the purpose of the rubber band is extensive, and often in life we have is the contact, so that the quality of the material and production requirements have become the focus of consumer attention. Speaking of organic silicon rubber band, on production and material do you understand? Time before I saw a lot of friends are playing a rubber band magic, can also be seen in the street with a rubber band hair girl, there are a lot like gestures are friends wearing color rubber bands, so many friends want to have a place to its environmental security. And we have seen on the market of silicone rubber is mainly produced by mould pressing craft with high temperature silicone rubber manufacturer, under the high temperature of 200 degrees temperature sulfide, so it with ordinary rubber material difference lies in the features of high and low temperature resistance is more outstanding, make it in a different environment can get good use effect. Mainly in the production process using composite solid silica added silica masterbatch to mixed deployment of mixing rubber, after hydraulic press and the mold assembly to devolve into rubber by high temperature vulcanization forming, the forming principle of main are adding sulphur, if vulcanizing agent of silicone material failure of the product is not forming, so the vulcanizing agent to add to the effect of silicone rubber bands is relative, in the molding process of the hardness of silicone rubber bands can allocate is 20 degrees - Between 80 degrees, the color can be according to any desired colour, in convenient performance relative to other materials is more outstanding, anti-aging effect better, secondly compared with other material silicone feel better, more smooth! Generally can be by SGS, ROHS, FDA and other several certification testing. Xiamen silicone products factory - Silicone rubber products co. , LTD. ( )
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