Why do the silicone bottle out of oil

by:Keyuan     2020-09-07
Silica gel bottles with liquid silicone ( LSR) Made of A bottle, do not contain bisphenol A, also won't broken, excellent transparency, resistance to tear strength, resilience, yellow degeneration, heat aging resistance and weatherability. When making bottles of silica gel viscosity is moderate, easy to operation, products high transparency, can see the mold filling and casting material defects such as bubbles, line shrinkage rate 0 or less. Size precision of 1%, copy products. But many people in the use of silica gel bottles found out when the phenomenon of oil, what reason is this? Bureau of silicone surface oil pollution is mainly limited to the product of hard softness, from the aspects of material, silicone material hard softness if soft of additives and silicone oil content exceeded more than 10% of white carbon black, leading to low hardness material silicon molecules are destroyed, in the high temperature, liquid, and a variety of air will have penetration on the surface of the phenomenon. Its main disease ribs is silicone oil white mineral oil, add the materials dosage beyond range or material with the phenomenon of instability, conflict is likely to appear at the oil to the surface, and the solution is a silicone case manufacturer looking for problem of source material, usually a silica gel products hard softness this phenomenon could occur under less than 30 degrees, but hardness basic will not appear on more than 40 degrees take oil phenomenon, the surface more soft silicone case more likely to take the oil. In the process of making silicone mold, the customer better without any silicone oil, if necessary, silicone oil to add up to not more than 5% ~ 10%. Because the amount of silicone oil to add too much can destroy the molecular weight of silica gel, so the mold to produce not resistant to acid and alkali, not resistant to ageing phenomenon.
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