Why choose Silicone Gloves produced by Keyuan Electronic Industry?
Xiamen KEYUAN Electronic Industry Co. ,Ltd Silicone Gloves has gained more and more fame by clients at home and overseas. The product produced by us is always of wonderful quality compared to other products. We supply the most considerate after-sales support for clients.

Xiamen KEYUAN Electronic Industry Co., Ltd. has grown up as a dependable manufacturer, receiving many compliments from customers overseas. We have been specializing in the production of conductive rubber. Various in styles, KEYUAN Electronic Industry's silicone rubber products can meet the needs of different customers. silicone kitchenware is used as supporting materials for silicone kitchen products. Keyuan has manufactured an extensive range of silicone rubber products for 25 years. The product has a fine melting point. It is an optimized refractory material which can prevent it have a reaction with the molten materials. Keyuan uses food grade, eco-friendly, high-quality, durable silicone.

Xiamen KEYUAN Electronic Industry Co., Ltd. aims to become your most intimate partner with high-quality technology and services! Inquire!
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