Why children silica gel plates called one-piece silicone plate

by:Keyuan     2020-09-18
Children's silica gel plates is silica gel products belong to the silica gel maternal and child supplies the category, is made of food grade silica gel after high temperature curing processing and become, the product has a non-toxic, tasteless, high and low temperature resistance ( - 40℃~200℃) The advantages of, color, beautiful and soft feel. In many family restaurant or individual in the family can see a silica gel products, silica gel plates generally adopts frame form design, can be installed within a plate such as rice, vegetables and soup. Children on modelling and silica gel plates is quite rich, common have smiling face silica gel plates, animal figures, cartoon characters such as it may be said is 'flowers', modelling is different too much! Is also on the color the multi-color variety ship exists, is generally warm color to give priority to. Silica gel plates at the beginning of the using time is mainly to attract children's attention, many children when you eat is not 'honesty' is always move from there, very let parents sad, always chasing the child to have a meal, the children eat in touch when generally looking for what he wants, so this kind of silica gel plate is catering to the children's attention, such as well as to have a meal, can play too. Starting from this point, from the beginning of a single silicone bowl now slowly evolved into a silica gel plates, it points to several, but sleep or three to see 4, with rice, soup, food and so on! That a change in the silica gel plates and the general call points, silica gel plates, this also liberated the kitchen too many questions, only need a silica gel plates will fix all the dishes! But standing on silica gel plates custom manufacturer point of view, this change is not enough to reflect the charm of it! Because now a lot of silica gel plates in addition to design a few points, all still don't add have put chopsticks, knife and fork eating tools! But also chuck is designed at the bottom of the silica gel plate, the purpose is to not let the older kids let run free silica gel plate when you eat! From the initial a silicone bowl to silica gel plate to points, silica gel plates in one-piece silicone plate by now, it is enough to illustrate the usage is very correct, the same will also very thanks to the design and the silicone product manufacturer, is they use wisdom to design a good so the tableware of a very practical!
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