Why can appear rupture of silicone rubber products

by:Keyuan     2020-12-04
A lot of things the most concern is the product appear rupture phenomenon, silicone products, of course, is no exception, but what will rupture after glue system product to repair in basic timely to scrap, so in the midst of silicone rubber products industry as a supplier need to strictly control the phenomenon, silicone rubber products appear unable to recover after the bursting of the problems caused by always lets a person worry, such as sealing parts, assembly in internal fittings and so on! Silicone rubber products have a tear phenomenon have method to control the tear phenomenon, although the products can be divided into a variety of phenomena caused by rupture, but there are still some difference! Man-made fracture phenomenon: mainly in use process in the right Angle or rupture occurs, is likely to break apart the phenomenon such as, most main reason is because the product is high hardness has torn the weaker position. Main reason is that factory production and processing under the condition of high temperature molding oil pressure when the time is too long, the product surface appear the phenomenon of brittle, has high hardness brittle phenomenon, as a result of rectangular or tear mouth when more tear phenomenon! Some of the main causes of miscellaneous pieces of silicone rupture or because of the effect of stress, and in force at the same time appear uneven product toughness deviation appear rupture phenomenon, this phenomenon can be selected from the manufacturer of raw materials raw materials special raw materials and the vulcanizing agent, improve product wear-resistant anti-fatigue performance, in addition to normal fluidization velocity and temperature control, should be normal operation when used to prevent rupture. Silicone products in addition to a lot of silicone rubber products have a lot of burrs in the mold, so the edge process caused by tearing down the phenomenon is very much, but a lot of silicone rubber products factory open on edge process could make the products have more than flash, this is also one of the hidden trouble of the product appeared torn! And silicone product belongs to the complicated process, it is because human make effect to good reason, so burst tear phenomenon is inevitable, to prevent this kind of phenomenon should find the reason from the source to prevent!
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