Why a lot of product is not easy to spray feel oil!

by:Keyuan     2020-09-26
Many industry products basic hope perfectly on appearance, all the surface treatment is very important, such as hardware products, large mold need polishing, plating, sand blasting, etc. , to maintain the appearance of the product is better, and the same is true for the silicone products, product appearance is more important, so without some surface treatment! And in addition to the appearance of the mold above treatment, also has the appearance of the above products processing, injection process is the most important working procedure. And injection products is not to say that all the products can be used to fuel injection, mainly to see the structure of the product, such as silica gel seal, circular arc and twists and turns larger larger products, in the process of fuel injection spray is not completely, thus completely, the effect of the influence to the whole product may appear visible part of the feel is good, however, but no prominent parts may not have very good effect, feel and many clients sometimes will think the product injection is also inevitable. So for the silicone products manufacturer if the product need to injection. So must be in need of a standard, the product must level off, the appearance of small amplitude ( Such as the circular sealing ring) The entire product can refer to a rectangle or square, spraying two or three face, can achieve the effect of the mobile. For injection process, a lot of products can be injection, just want to achieve the ideal effect as well as the cost of artificial aspects can be relatively large, so in addition to the fuel injection process to ensure that the appearance of fine, also can begin in the mold above, if the mould do manual work is delicate, so for the entire structure and appearance of products have good help! Xiamen silicone products manufacturer - Silica gel products co. , LTD. ( )
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