White silica gel pad steamed steamed stuffed bun a cafe in wuhan people to report

by:Keyuan     2020-09-19
Ate more than 30 years of steamed stuffed bun, steamer pads are cotton, or grass, now suddenly come out a white silica gel pad, steamed steamed stuffed bun, so safe? 20, from people to report after the food and drug law enforcement in wuhan city second brigade captain jann lee, with two law enforcement officers to TouSuDian - — Bayhood main street 'cai-lin-ji restaurant', the scene view. Do you use in the store, law enforcement officers found that bamboo steamer, indeed is a kind of soft mat of white, the circular mat, and the many air holes, feel feels like plastic. On the streets, another 'evaporate' kung fu steamed stuffed bun shop, the shop use, is a larger number of silicone mat, compared with 'cai-lin-ji restaurant' white silica gel pad, the store of the silica gel pad is yellow, and the damaged. Reporter cell phone in a well-known shopping website, searching for 'food grade silica gel pad' found that the same type of silicone mat, price for 17. 5 times. The cheapest is 2 yuan a piece, the most expensive silica gel pad is 35 yuan. Most businesses are marked 'no brush oil', 'non-stick cage', 'safe non-toxic' as keywords. Jann lee said the test results can come out after about a week. 'If it is food grade silica gel pad, then they are non-toxic side effects to the human body. 'He said, the silicone does not dissolve in water and any solvents, avirulent insipidity, stable chemical properties. And food grade silica gel, it is a kind of inorganic polymer gel material, can resistance to high temperature of 120 ℃. For example, he said, the citizens of the most common food grade silicone products, is in the pressure cooker is used for sealing gasket, easy to clean, not easy to breed microorganisms, but use time limit, it is best to use not more than 3500 hours. But, the cost of the silicone pad more expensive, does not exclude the illegal businessmen use PVC ( PVC) , that is, plastic instead. How citizens can distinguish between food grade silicone pad and plastic pad? Jann lee said, the simplest is to use the nose to smell, no peculiar smell is normal. He also said that recent will strengthen law enforcement inspection of steamed buns shop in wuhan, also welcome people call 12345, report on food safety issues, to ensure food safety. ( Reporter Shao Lan correspondent Pan Lou) After the knot language: at home, everybody is not very comprehensive understanding of silica gel, the consistency that silica gel is plastic category, is a kind of polyethylene compounds, usually are toxic, and silica gel, silica gel has its own features, and in the European and American countries, silicone kitchen utensils and appliances is their most popular kitchen tools, about silicone products, food-grade silicone products, rubber products, I already lie many times, in front of the all involved with physical access to the commodity, adopt food-grade silicone production, and completely is the FDA inspections can be done by SGS, please show when buying food grade silica gel characteristics of choose and buy.
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