Which is better to use silica gel straw and plastic straw

by:Keyuan     2020-09-18
Hot summer, we would like to drink drinks all kinds of drinks, then will use straws, silica gel straw and plastic straws which is better to use? Most of the material of plastic straws are made of plastic, because plastic material cost little. Businesses in selling drinks drinks will come with a straw. Plastic material not recycled, disposable goods. The cost of plastic material is very small. Compared with plastic straws, silica gel straw price much higher, mainly reflected on the raw material. The cost of the silicone raw materials must raise its price. Therefore, the silicone straws are not suitable for one-time use. If you use it in his own home, you can use the silicone tube instead of plastic pipe. Resistance to high temperature and low temperature silicone straw. Put it in the fridge or cooked in boiling water, will not damage the silicone straws, also does not produce harmful substances. Plastic pipe is not only easy to aging, and resistance to high temperature and low temperature. Even some plastic pipe also can produce harmful substances at high temperature. Disposable plastic straws will also caused great damage to the environment, natural degradation plastic products in the natural environment needs to be hundreds of years. No health, environmental protection. The silica gel straw can be naturally decomposed quickly and will not cause any damage to the environment. More safety and environmental protection. Therefore, we still is appealing to everyone to use more biodegradable silicone products.
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