Where is the cause silicone products appear harmful?

by:Keyuan     2020-09-25
Many friends when buying a silicone products will choose a brand of different products or different supply merchants production of silicone products, but choose a different production also when you have different quality of products in purchasing products of high quality products with low quality products and understand how much? Is a kind of silicone rubber products contain a variety of inorganic compounds combining mixed with silica powder and get proper natural resin formula, not only has good practicability and reliability, and use some low quality or low cost of raw materials production can greatly reduce the quality of the silicone products, resulting in a decline in product quality to reduce life, and so on. Generally high quality product life and adaptability are very strong, for the cases with various kinds of high and low temperature circumstance and unstable situation such as high temperature of 200 degrees - at low temperature 40 degrees or oil, ozone is heavier place also can use for a long time to keep good life and the use of the number of times, and don't appear deformation, tension is insufficient more not in use process of damage and so on advantages, and low quality silicone products also can use the same, but low quality product differs in different raw materials and the vulcanizing agent so, in the same environment can determine the difference between high and low quality products. Now many industrial electronic accessories are used instead of silicone rubber products, make a lot of silica gel products factory mass production with low quality raw materials production, to achieve a certain effect, however, regardless of whether or not qualified products and practical period, a lot of products on the market to get consumers' feedback, product service life is too short to pull strength is insufficient, sticky phenomenon in a product, however, these materials are caused the silicone raw materials, the raw material to ensure its smooth surface phenomenon of add too much silicon oil to control the viscosity, add too much silicone oil, silicone oil the composition of the silicon atoms and causes product pull litre degree is insufficient, the service life of the decline in many products are with performance became the low quality products! Xiamen silicone products manufacturer - Silica gel products co. , LTD. ( )
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