What will you pay attention to when buying a silicone gift?

by:Keyuan     2020-12-03
With the continuous development of silicone products industry, silicone products has been widely used in different fields, silica gel gifts also arise. Nowadays, silica gel gifts deeply the general consumer's affection, silicone gift sales grow, manufacturer of silicone products is also more and more, the market competition strength is becoming more and more high, then there will be individual manufacturer in order to pursue their own interests, resulting in a decline in the quality of the silicone products, makes some inferior silicone products to market. So consumers friends when buying a silicone gift will need to pay attention to the following method to identify the advantages and disadvantages of silicone products. 1, hand touch the nose to smell the silicone product silicone gift belongs to one of the silica gel products, formal qualified silicone gift environmentally safe, non-toxic tasteless, wear-resisting, elastic, has the certain tensile force, feel is good and the price is moderate. Inferior silicone gifts often toxic with pungent smell, burning ashes in black. So when buying a silicone gift first to use our senses, nose did ask about the temperature, and touched with the hand feel is good or not, whether have elasticity, tensile force is good, also can undertake combustion observation, qualified silicone gift burning smoke tend to be white, and burning residue is white, but the goose smoke when burning inferior silicone products and residues are black. High elasticity of breathing machine silicone accessories, silicone jelly color strap, silicone wash a face to brush, silicone following and so on. 2, check to see if the manufacturer of formal silicone products manufacturers recommended professional silicone products manufacturer the product of manufacturer of silica gel gifts customized processing, clickable: silica gel gifts customized processing plants, look at it. ( 1) Depends on the establishment of the silicone products manufacturer, was founded the longer manufacturers, on behalf of the production technology and process and the quality of the products are guaranteed, grasp of market dynamics is also very good, can timely update the new silicone products, follow the public taste. ( 2) Watch factory production quality certificate. No quality certificate of manufacturer production of silica gel product quality is difficult to secure. ( 3) Watch manufacturer delivery speed. If you want to be a lot of silicone products, manufacturers of delivery speed is the key, the first key to seize more market share, is the time, because time is money, time is everything.
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