What's the use of silicone bracelets, different colours represent what meaning

by:Keyuan     2020-12-03
Silicone bracelet is adornment effect, is known to all that it represents the other meaning we understand? Today to meet our different characteristics of the silicone bracelet what exactly is the purpose and meaning. Silicone bracelet is a variety of colors of silicone bracelet, fluorescence, luminous, etc. Because is the silicone raw materials used, so soft and elastic product itself is not easy to deformation, environmental security, avirulent insipidity, stable chemical properties of wear resistant crack, high temperature resistant, long service life and can direct contact with the skin for a long time will not produce adverse reaction, does not stimulate the skin. Silicone bracelet besides adornment effect, still can rise to health care, medical treatment, drive midge effect. Silicone bracelet is suitable for various occasions, such as casino, stadium. Silica gel hand ring can be used as gifts, souvenirs, promotional items, etc. Is a relatively hot fashion jewelry, is a kind of low cost, high benefit of advertising promotional advertising gifts. Actually most of the silicone bracelet is of no practical use, is a kind of fashion accessories. But the hand of the English words or words on the ring out of the message response usually wear people's beliefs and values. Silica gel hand ring can be used as fashion accessories, product promotion, propaganda materials, a handout, activity supplies, birthday, party, homecoming, outdoor activities, meetings, weddings, education, taobao, gifts, accessories, inspirational bracelet, sports fashion hand ring. In school, websites, online publicity, etc. , has a different meaning. Silicone bracelet as early as popular with the United States, the first in the world the first type of silicone bracelet silicone products factory output is yellow LIVESTRONG, all people wear this bracelet has a common purpose that is against disease cancer, make life more strong. Since then, because the silica gel hand ring has the environmental protection, non-toxic tasteless, soft and elastic, easy to wear, and many other advantages, has become a popular act the role ofing is tasted, was deeply loved by young friends, now the silicone bracelets have been popular spread to every country in the world. Meaning: all kinds of silicone bracelet contains white: the make poverty history ( Poverty) Yellow ( LAF) :livestrong ( Support cancer patients) Black + white ( NIKE) :站起来发言( Racial discrimination) Blue ( 英国广播公司) :打败欺凌( Bullying) Pink ( 英国广播公司) :支持知识强度( Support for breast cancer patient) Red ( BHF银行) :号脉( Support heart patients) Deep blue/blue and white: one world one cause/tsunami Relief ( To help the tsunami victims) Blue + green: say no to sectarianism ( Against religious conflict)
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