What's the meaning of organic silica gel for electronic products

by:Keyuan     2020-12-03
With the rapid development of communications equipment in recent years, intelligent mobile phone has become an indispensable part of modern life. Pictures by either on the phone, or play games, touch screen man-machine interface is crucial, the double function of both the display and operation, the quality of the screen can also become one of the key factors for people when the choose and buy. Due to many smartphones is expensive, protect its high-quality screen from scratches and knock in the use of becomes increasingly important. Mobile phone factory, manufacturers will generally prevent the mobile phone in the screen surface paste a layer of film may be produced in the process of transportation or sale of scraping knock against damage to the screen. But most of the consumers to after the new phone will tear this simple layer of protective film to paste by a layer of self-adhesive protective film ( e. g。 Toughened film) To prevent mobile phone accidentally fell when the huge impact, or hot cigarette butts in the accidental touch on the screen when the fatal injury. And organic silicone pressure sensitive adhesive in the strength of the thin layer protective film is widely used. Smartphones and tablet touch screen is very important for the man-machine interface, both display and operation panel double function wacker silicone pressure sensitive adhesive performance is stable, reliable, whether manufacturers provide temporary protection or consumers to paste toughened film, usually coated pressure sensitive adhesive ( PSA) , appropriate pressure sensitive adhesive can help only when the protective film on the laminating press gently to paste to the surface of the screen, and in the later to make it full screen from the screen surface stripping down without damage. Protective film is usually a multi-layer 'sandwich' structure, the specific characteristics of each layer of adhesive depends on its structure and chemical composition. Among them, played a key role of pressure-sensitive sub pressure sensitive adhesive mainly divided into acrylic, PU rubber and silicone, 15 to 25 mm, thickness is usually is bonding layer membrane surface tempered with the polyester film, at the same time, the whole piece of protective film closely joint on the surface of the screen that smart phones. Different kinds of pressure sensitive adhesive chemical and physical properties, in the late early in order to achieve the perfect fit with the complete stripping, organic silicon type pressure sensitive adhesive has many advantages. Silicone pressure sensitive adhesive with good exhaust effect, can help toughened membrane firmly adsorbed on the surface of the screen, 765 new DEHESIVE PSA is ideal to protect intelligent devices. Excellent exhaust performance, good curing effect, good operability, good resistance to moisture, weather resistance and aging resistance, good flow properties, the low surface energy of the object has a good bonding effect of wacker silicone pressure sensitive adhesive viscosity and curing performance precise matching, thus ensures the rapid machining process. And excellent exhaust and flow leveling performance make the protective film in the paste to the screen surface won't appear unpleasant bubbles. In addition, the good weather can make the protective film even under the condition of high temperature or low temperature for a long time to use yellowing will not occur. Professional and customized services, technology center can test the chemical and physical properties of organic silicone coating products. Silicone pressure sensitive adhesive is of high and low bonding for agent, various additives and multicomponent system composed of platinum catalyst. DEHESIVE吗? PSA 765 performed very well in all kinds of PET film surface, the formula can also be ordered on the basis of the specific protective film producers. Broad application prospect, also to clever functionalization of organic silicon, in order to make full use of their unique advantages. For example, the introduction of special chemical groups to give different bond silicone pressure sensitive adhesive. Key lies in their chemical structure, highly branched chain of silicon resin can improve the system as a whole by the crosslinking degree, so as to improve the cohesive force of silicone pressure sensitive adhesive. It's for DEHESIVE? PSA 765 protective film coating opens up a more broad application prospects: the display of the process of production, is used to protect different components from damage of protective film need different cohesive force, and our goal is to develop a set of different applications provide self-adhesive coating solution of product line.
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