What's the advantage of silicone toys

by:Keyuan     2020-09-18
Silicone toy product advantages: 1, USES the food grade silicone raw materials for production and processing, ensure the silicone toy not harmful to human body, this is a top priority, and we care about most. 2, playing toys as a tool, so time is long certainly need to clean it, silicone toys use boiling water to boil, hot to sterilize, the toy itself is not bad. 3, color beautiful, this I believe that everyone is obvious to all, on the market a lot of silicone products are color is very bright, very able to bear or endure look, such as silicone handbag, silicone tooth gum, etc. 4, long service life, silica gel have resistance to itch the characteristics in the air, not volatile because life is very long, don't say 10 or 20 years of life, I believe that the first child to grow up. After five years in two, for example, the second child is can continue to play this silicone toys, and the colour is also beautiful as before! 5, toys, generally USES the hardness of soft material, it won't hurt the baby, such as the same toys made of silicone and plastic two materials, may have a little flash toys, flash is not hurting silicone material of this baby, and the plastic is hard commonly, so may be cut to the baby. 6, a variety of color choices, a lot of baby to this world is full of curiosity, so all sorts of color he like, grow up slowly, may have a special liking for several colors, so you can choose multiple colors! 7, plasticity, it is also a little important, why? Because boys and girls like things is not the same, such as the male baby probably grew up like animals, such as mechanical toys, female baby might like some of the characters, cartoon toys, this time it reflects the advantages of the silicone toys! 8, in this time I believe a gift to send is very normal, such as colleagues we send a small gift or birthday cake or something that is normal, the baby is the same, such as big jiu home children aged 2 what kind of silicone toys, we can send full 5 years of age what we can send the silicone gifts, to 10 years old we can send some silica gel pen bag or something. Silicone products in children that is doing a lot of! Born from the pacifier to elementary school graduation design of silicone products! Present, the main is safe, practical, beautiful! The recipient happy, happy!
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