What's the advantage of folding silicone products

by:Keyuan     2020-09-05
With silica gel products are widely used, there are many fold the silica gel products, like the silicone folding bowls, silicone folding flower POTS, folding brush pot and so on. Then fold the silica gel products have what advantage? 1, small occupied position, either folding a greater advantage of silicone products, which is the most directly reflect the value of it is, is not occupy too much space! In go out to bring a pet bowl, if is the material such as iron or plastic, is so big a bowl should be placed inside the car or bags can be carried out, in these places also compare the position! If is a member of the family more, more bowl so need more storage boxes to pack, and fold the silica gel products without so many storage box, has very little place after folded. 2, convenient to carry, mainly reflected in this aspect to carry out, such as pet folding silicone bowl, has designed a hanging hole above, pet in play in take on the key chain can bring pet folding bowls, feed the pet anytime and anywhere, and when the moving is also very convenient, not too big boxes to pack, which is less used after folded box, so in terms of carrying, fold the silica gel products occupies a lot of advantages! 3, beautiful, yes fold the silica gel products I think you will love it at the first glance, this kind of folding products are mainly embodied in the pieces of the appearance, such as folding flower POTS, folding brush pot, these products without folding and the effect after folded completely is two, and will have more choices in modelling, design different style according to the hobby of different people! According to the model with a variety of colors to fold the appearance of the product has good visual effect. Can find that the silicone products factory in the design and practical grasp did well, according to many aspects, such as usage, usage scenario design of silicone product already practical beautiful, and the development of silicone products will be more perfect!
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