What's the advantage of cartoon silica gel plate

by:Keyuan     2020-08-27
Cartoon silica gel plate USES the food grade silicone material can a DFA/LFGB testing, the puppy eyes nose mouth drops of gel technique, makes the plate more outstanding dog model, the plate color is through the world's leading manufacturers of infant and children's favorite color, there are also divided function, let the baby food is not changing, can also be fruit and food, the corners of the plate one-piece suction cups, as long as there is sticking firmly, prevent slippery prevent hot drop, solve the family treasure mother fed worries to the child, hands free, baby love to eat, the body stick! Cartoon silica gel plate product advantages: 1, the unibody design, creative baby puppy plate doesn't take don't walk, lovely modelling helps children happy meal. 2, the frame design, the food not changing, vegetables, fish, rice, pasta, hot and fruit can be open, the rich nutrition is not changing. 3, chuck is designed, the baby to eat more freely, silicone cartoon plate corners also designed the suction cups, stronger adsorption force, firmly seize the desktop, do not upset, baby happy. 4, style design, folding, adsorption antiskid consideration, easy to clean, convenient and simple, can be high temperature resistant silicone material, material can be covered by the fda safety certification. 5, cartoon silica gel plates with eat mat, can not easily upset with adsorption on the desktop, environmental protection silicone material, adsorption performance is good, and the suction cups at the bottom of the area is large, non-slip insulation, can be closely fit with the desktop, the air is not easy to enter, stronger adsorption capacity. 6, can be folded, easy to receive, convenient travel, soft silicone, fold easily, baby is also easy to go out to eat. 7, silicone material prevent hot, prevent slippery out of shape not easily, can bear the high temperature of 230 ℃, ease hot food, not deformation, not cracking, plate wall, a plate is enough to a meal, the depth of about 25 mm, larger capacity, satisfy the baby good appetite. 8, water net, do more relaxed, smooth, delicate not shelter evil people and practices, the rest time and physical strength for you. 9, the pacifier class quality and safety, can resistance to high temperature 230 ℃, contracted design environmental protection, light use of simple, durable and practical.
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