What's bad about silicone nose?

by:Keyuan     2020-12-03
Now on the market of silicone has throughout all aspects of life, involves the field is very broad. Big to aviation, military, small to jewelry, toys, such as medical, kitchen utensils and appliances, electronics, beauty, repair the cultural relics and so on have the silicone products. Excellent characteristics of silica gel has been widely accepted and recognized. Silica gel used for beauty and cosmetic is also much, so, do you know what silicone nose hurt? Silicone nose job is a very ideal, using method of silica gel, using the long development of the history, silica gel, using widely popular with the love of beauty is. A large number of experiments and clinical practice has proved that the silicone, using non-toxic harmless to human body, silica gel has good biological compatibility and performance of nasal good coexist, not deformed, not carcinogenic, non-allergenic. Silicone chemical stability is strong, not easy to deformation. Silica gel texture is soft and easy to shape, carving quite an effect on the silica gel, using natural ideal. But why would silicone nose job with the example of failure? Experts said, in general, as long as the love of beauty is itself not allergic to the silicone phenomenon, make preparations for the relevant inspection and preoperative, select normal hospital to find skilled doctors to silicon edges, and by the postoperative nursing, silica gel hump nose is not allergic, so the love of beauty is careful to avoid to the small clinic for silicone nose job. Silicone edges using silica gel is medical grade silicon rubber, it has good elasticity, soft, easy to shape, good chemical, non-toxic, no carcinogenic, teratogenic, has good histocompatibility. Such as good physiological inertia, body fluids, corrosion resistance, aging resistance under harsh environmental conditions, good biocompatibility and minimal tissue reaction to human body, is not caused by foreign body reaction in the body, to the surrounding tissues will not trigger inflammation, etc. These are silicone rhinoplasty advantage. Shajing silicone manufacturer produces silicone products for 15 years, there are all sorts of medical grade silicone, food-grade silicone, silicone mold, silicone pad, silicone strap and other kinds of silicone products, made of high-quality pure silicone medical grade, food grade standard, passed the SGS, FDA, CE, LFGB, DGCCRF such as certification, environmental non-toxic. Shajing silicone factory integrity, strength and product quality obtain industry acceptance. Welcome friends from all walks of life come to visit, guidance and business negotiation.
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