What role does the silicone cup set and advantage

by:Keyuan     2020-09-17
The silicone cup cover, as the name implies, is wrapped in silica gel protective sleeve of the cup, and other silicone products like silicone phone sets, are very colorful, modelling diversity, cheap and fine silica gel products. Many people think, cup sets, is only need to use when pouring hot water into the cup, but in fact, spring, summer, autumn and winter, no matter which season, silicone cup cover is very important that occupy the home products. Silicone cup set has a unique adsorption, can firmly laminating common glass material such as glass, ceramic, stainless steel, painted thinner, poured into the hot water, hot people all the more, and safe hidden trouble, while the silicone cup set provide a layer of protection. Firmly adsorbed on the surface of the glass, the silicone cup cover, insulation non-toxic, ironing at as high as 100 ℃ hot water high temperature, also won't produce toxic molecules. Summer, pouring water into the glass, outside wall due to temperature difference always thin seepage of water, with a hand, wet, the work is not convenient, writing is not convenient, with a layer of silicone cup set is more convenient, the silicone cup set of high temperature resistant, waterproof, and in the case of wet, still antiskid resistance to fall off, equivalent to his beloved cup on a layer of insurance, non-slip, shock-proof, resistance to fall off. The silicone cup set as a layer of the diaphragm, also blocking the furniture and hashing of the cup. Stainless steel cup is very easy to wooden furniture, floor and cause scratch, scratch, silicone cup set of 'steel for soft', to protect the furniture. At the same time, the cup of hot water will also affect furniture contact surface, the passage of time will be very hot bad, all-round package silicone cup set of effective heat insulation cup, durable. Silicone cup set or cleaning, of course, texture soft, scrub all can, plasticity is very strong, resistant to cold heat, not easy fade, silicone cup set is not only the cup set, cup mat, or other gloves, is an indispensable parts of life. Bright eye of the silicone cup set of is decorated with glass, also gradually become the new trend in fashion, using silica gel cup convenient set of environmental protection, a lot of good, practical and cost-effective, daily life, why not add a colour for himself?
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