What kind of silicone rubber products only need the sample mould

by:Keyuan     2020-09-21
Silicone products of the production is a complex process, but even more complicated, for experienced xiamen silicone rubber products manufacturer, is able to overcome, because the experience is rich, advanced equipment, leading technology, so we can take orders from peers do not come down, we can receive the counterpart because production technology to the order. This is a silicone rubber products factory has an advantage, and the existence of this advantage, broke the story of the one, always in other people can't do it on the basis of the improvement. Reaction to all of these questions then is silicone rubber products factory belongs to the artists, but a lot of technical details at the back of the strength and mode of thinking, is what you don't know, now it's time to share the sample mould is suitable for every product, what kind of silicone rubber products need to open the sample mold? With this question, we can clearer one layer. Sample mold is to produce a few samples to test the market or as parts of test and production of small mold, mold and the sample mould production compared to the much smaller, but the structure is the same, as a new product, need a market evolution. Relatively speaking, the sample mould start is to reduce the number of the early stage of the market. More effective feedback market positioning of the silicone rubber products, for batch production of the late accumulation data or to get more market information. Sample mold is effective for some products, can according to the traditional way of the production, but for some other products, have a little tiny difference. For example, the need to produce a larger volume of silicone rubber products, and the big goods, compared to batch production mold and sample mold in the mold layout basic is the same as above, or their production capacity is the same, the big goods production mold is as good as the sample mould have too much advantage. Single from the mold layout, just one or more similar this kind of situation, the sample mould cost above or mode of production, and there is little big goods production mold. So the silicone rubber products are not suitable for make sample mould, the product is very small, complex structure of silicone rubber products, the production mould and sample mould on layout has a very big difference, so the silicone rubber products suitable for the sample mould.
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