What kind of silica gel products are there size

by:Keyuan     2020-08-20
Shrinkage is associated with the hardness of the material of the silicone material, manufacturers provide more in 1 time. 022-1. 042 between, for 40 to 50 degrees of material, usually take 1. 03 shrinkage. Relative to the plastic, silicone products will not produce similar apparent surface defects by shrinking. However, because the silicone products for more than a mold cavity, relative to the hole very much plastic products. So there is no plastic products as convenient size control. The general accuracy of plus or minus 0. 1, high precision products of plus or minus 0. 05. When cooperate with plastic parts when the fit between the hole and buttons, the minimum clearance to take unilateral 0. 1, the recommended value for unilateral 0. 2. Therefore, silica gel products generally can be divided into the following two dimensions: 1, the relative size differences in thickness, the thinnest and the thickest in suggested that not more than three times. Such problems when sulfide mainly depends on the material requirements for temperature and pressure. 2, limit of size can be done in the thickest place 15 ~ 20 mm, if it is a sphere, can do 30 mm in diameter. Generally recommended size is not greater than 3 mm thickness, when greater than 3 mm, will cost more vulcanization time and increase the cost. The thinnest place theory can reach 0. In the design of 2 mm, but take the thinnest commonly 0. 3 mm, recommend the 0. 4mm。 Note: for the silicone rubber products set of parts, generally according to the appearance of product figure for the original figure can be supplied by the mold factory, cooperate to explain the problem, the mold factory's discretion. In general, depending on the product size, plastic cover with products for unilateral commonly small 0. 2 to 0. 5 the negative deviation.
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