What is this? I say silicone accessories, can you believe that?

by:Keyuan     2020-09-27
Speaking of silica gel, always brought people a lot of ideas, gives the impression of often focused on the silica gel doll, silica gel plastic bag! And silicone material to the designers of different industries, is a kind of art, shortly before the silicone 3 d printing is online buzz, silicon material is in a certain, in which silica gel material as foreshadowing of daily necessities of life, to affirm again in the market, and the Korean designer Seulgi Kwon silica gel works will completely break the public opinion of silicone traditional! Jewelry accessories do not necessarily need, means a rare diamond crystal, more do not need expensive expensive luxury, and silica gel in a get affirmation from the jewelry ornaments, a bold idea to let this kind of similar crystal silica gel products more attractive. This jewelry is made up of south Korean designer Seulgi Kwon personally design, at first he thinks the silicone material is only limited to used different simple silicone accessories and decorative products, but with the groping research, he found that the silicone softness and transparency to give him bring more inspiration! This kind of silicone products used by medical grade high transparent silicone raw materials and textile precision production lines and color glue, rather than on silica gel products factory production process and production, so the process is relatively complex, but into a fine development present in front of our eyes it let people have more heads! The product named cell series, through the cell fission and the variation of color changes and produce a series of derivatives. Works reveal the unique female visual, gentle but full of vitality. Many people may at first glance will not know is the silicone material and production, but he really is a silicone material, so I said he is silicone accessories, would you believe it? Xiamen silicone products manufacturer - Silica gel products co. , LTD. ( )
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