What is the silicone scraper, it can be used to do

by:Keyuan     2020-09-26
May have many friends have never heard of silicone scraper piece of this name, more do not know is used to do, do it today to science the silicone scraper purposes, it is a kind of silicone kitchen utensils and appliances. It, like all other silicone meal kitchen utensils and appliances, are made of food grade material of environmental protection. This kind of silica gel products currently the main sales areas is the European and American countries, so domestic don't understand is normal, why Europe and the United States people so need silicone scraper? This is going to talk about its use, the European and American people often eat the food is the toast, and at the bread making and then remove the dough from the bowl, and finally in the cut into small pieces of uniform size ( Of course this is to do small bread steps, big bread don't need to cut) 。 And after the dough, put the dough from the bowl and pot mess, tend to stick to a part of the dough to stick to the point, don't it's too bad. Then had to find something to face out, in choosing the tools, through constant development, finally the carbon blade in silica gel the kitchen utensils and appliances. Because its design is not only easy to use, and also won't damaged when shaving basin of boiler bowl these and the kitchen utensils and appliances. But if you just used to shave, then the function of the scraper is too single, so the merchants again research and development, and it gives a new skill - — The cut surface. For aspect, believe that the people have experienced, the north eat dumplings are mostly hand rolling the wrappers, and the diy small bread, all need to roll the good surface is divided into uniform small pieces. In order to save trouble, then you can use the silicone scraper, scraper has been carved on the same distance, scale is clearly visible. , when the plane so you can easily cut into uniform dough, efficiency is very high. May someone will ask, silicone scraper used to shave before, so it should not high hardness, can be used to cut? Silicone scraper which is actually a complement, when need to shave, put a built-in magnet adsorption on the cutter blade surface; When need to slice group, we take the blade down, so that you can use the stainless steel knife edge. In addition to the above surface and edge, silicone scraper can also be used in mixing eggs, mixing ingredients of making cake bread. Good, see the article is very curious want to experience the use of the scraper, then go and buy a, believe that you will be used is dependent on the silicone kitchen utensils and appliances.
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