What is the silicone folding cups safe to use

by:Keyuan     2020-12-03
Most people began to hear the silicone folding cups the word on the sense of wonder, the silicone folding cups is what east east, since it is the silicone products, so greatly deepened and safety when using silicone folding cups can toxic? As more than 10 years of silica gel products factory have something to say about this. The silicone folding cups is a kind of easy to carry, use of health, a double-walled folding cup. The outer wall of the two adjacent segment through the threaded connection, the lining of the two adjacent segment for conical cooperate, can move up and down. Rotation driven by screwing the outer wall lining up and down, realize the cup folding and stretching kinetic energy. Silicone folding cups to use environmental protection non-toxic very safe, is made of food grade silica gel, food-grade silicone is silicone kitchen utensils and appliances in our daily life use most silica gel inside the fork, silica gel, shovels, silicone tableware, silicone bowl, silicone heat insulation pad, silicone glove and silicone pacifiers, etc. , food-grade silicone is a kind of by condensation of silicate inorganic polymer gel material, main ingredients for mSio2nH2O. In addition to alkali and hydrofluoric acid two special circumstances not react with any acid and alkali, chemical stability is good. Commonly used in silicone pacifier, bottles, and other high security products. Heat resistant up to 220 degrees.
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